Special Offer for linear and VOD/Streaming Package

YFE “all-round carefree package” offers a combination of VOD Content and Linear Pay Television channels

Great kids-safe entertainment for your platform Content packages include linear and permanent Video-on-Demand/ streaming content for your customers, permanently available Unrivalled, time-limited quality & price offer Constantly updated program lineup for children of all ages and the whole family Perfect addition to round out your content offer for all of your audiences

Details of the Offer

Linear TV Feed

Fix&Foxi and/or RIC International channels at an unbeatable price

VOD Content

30 top shows available to your customers - permanently and in several language versions

Offer benefit

2-months trial with quick delivery of channel signal and VOD content ensured

Price for your region/territory on request

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Video-on-Demand content enhances your platform’s library and customer benefit significantly

30 top shows totaling ca. 200 hours of content and ca. 750 episodes Available in numerous language versions, usually German/ English/ Neutral Spanish/ Arabic/ French, other languages and non-dialogue also on offer Content for children of all ages, e.g. preschool, kids, teens and family Content is permanently available on your platform (no catch-up or periodical restrictions) Branding is flexible, i.e. presentation under neutral, your brand or our label All shows are available in high definition

The Fix&Foxi channel delivers exclusive and ‘kids-safe’ content designed for kids from 4-11 years...

Channel hosted by well-known international comic characters Fix & Foxi Channel is created to provide safe environment for kids All content is positive, transporting social values and does not support violence Comprises first runs, exclusive content and all of the beloved characters from the YFE universe Integrates third party content into programming schedule Several language versions: English, German, Neutral-Spanish, Arabic, and more upon request Fresh content on the platform every month Easy to implement signal delivery across the world

…thus addressing all key segments in the children's segment


Kids discover facts about history, nature, great inventions, etc.


Pre-Schoolers discover nice and easy stories that will stimulate their imagination

Boys' programmes

Boys identify with brave male heroes in exciting adventure stories

Empowering girls

Features smart female characters to promote girls’ self-confidence with a great deal of humour

For the whole family

Fix&Foxi promotes family gathering (“TV evening camp fire”) with great stories for children and parents

Fix&Foxi is available worldwide


GAS Region / Europe

MENA Region

Asia / Australia / Americas

Via IP Via Arabsat Badr6 Eutelsat 5 West Eutelsat 7B  English / Arabic Versions

Via Eutelsat 9BE14  German Version

Via IP Via Arabsat Badr6  English / Arabic Versions

Via IP  English / Neutral Spanish Versions

RiC.today is a learning channel for pre-school and younger kids in English…

Helps younger children to learn in a playful and entertaining manner Promotes social values and encourages good behaviour; stimulates artistic skills, creativity and imagination Delivers exciting content about the world's fascinating wildlife and nature for the next ‘Fridays For Future’ generation Features great instructional shows about language, numbers and fun science facts Teaches children essential culinary and health skills

…that promotes learning in all areas of life in a very fun way

Social Skills / Arts

Highlights social emotionality, school and family rules, respect, politeness and team spirit; empowers creativity through interactive sing-along songs, dancing, painting and crafting activities

Environment / Animals

Explains nature and environmental protection and engages children with the wonders of animals to stimulate their emotional connection with the natural world

Language / Numbers

Teaches about all colors, the alphabet, numbers, tables, and introduces to science in a bright, captivating manner, using toys, surprises and fun experiments

Watching as a family

Fix&Foxi promotes family gathering (“TV evening camp fire”) with great stories for children and parents

Food / Health

Food Education featuring the beauties and perils of the  nutrition world and the importance of good eating habits; raises awareness  about health and wellbeing

Availability of RiC.today

Central / Eastern Europe

All other territories

Via IP Via Eutelsat 16A  English Version

Upon Request