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Fix&Foxi TV

The award-winning children’s and family channel Fix & Foxi TV with the popular foxes as presenters with its 24-hour 16: 9-program shows an optimal mix of entertainment and educational content as well as monthly highlights and TV premieres. The Premium Fix & Foxi Pay-TV channel is on air in over 130 cable networks and has won the Hot Bird TV Award and the Eutelsat TV Award for best children’s channel.

Fix&Foxi TV (International)

The Pay TV channel Fix & Foxi TV is also broadcast internationally and offers a large selection of animated programs and live action shows for children and the whole family. Fix & Foxi TV has established itself worldwide and is available in several languages ​​in the MENA region, Africa, Asia and Latin America, including English, Arabic, Spanish.


RiC TV is the family channel for German-speaking countries with popular European programs, which is broadcasted unencrypted via Astra 19.2 in Free TV, many cable networks (with a technical range of around 33 million households) and via live stream at www.rictv.de, rictv.at and rictv.ch. Ric the Raven is not only a well-known animated series, but also the hilarious mascot of this channel that appeals to a wide audience. Thanks to the extensive know-how and the carefully selected selection of high-quality content, RiC TV positions itself as the third private family channel in Germany.

RiC TV (International)

The international version of RiC shows award-winning, educational series in English and German for the whole family. The RiC content promotes children’s English language skills, supports their creativity and imparts important social values. In this way, RiC embodies a healthy balance between entertainment and learning – we call this the “Learning by Laughing” approach. The channel can be received through the direct2home technical platform of the A1 Telekom Austria Group, the leading TV position for Central and Eastern Europe, via Eutelsat 16A with a broad coverage of the CEE region.

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